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Iran-female view 2

We have been one more day in Nain. On the way to Yazd, after 6900 km, after staring in the desert for days I have seen my first camel…dead, hit by a truck, in the banquets. This has been the climax, after all the dead cats, dogs and one cow. Also not all the accidents, we have seen turned out lightly. These are the negative side effects if you are on the road for a longer time.  

Nain is famous for wonderful carpets made from wool and silk. Heiko has been at the barbershop today. The barber was so happy about it, obviously he never cut long hair before, that he did it for free. Free is also the road use. Most time they let us pass the toll stations. Once the cashier asked for a music CD-not in vain.

Since yesterday we are in Yazd and cause of the heat is hardly bearable we took a hotel room. It`s the traditional Kohan Hotel in between the old cities small alleys (the mud houses on the pictures are all inhabited, therefore I took pictures of the doors). It has a great courtyard, with fish bassins, trees, plants and divan beds; offers great food (all beside kebab with bread and burgers is not easy to get here) and a complimentary tea bar. And all that for 15 Euro inclusive breakfast and free internet (facebook is blocked in Iran). What you also recognize is that it is a private run place and not a government run hotel, like most of them here.

Today I bought 10 boxes of Pall Mall for 4,50 Euro. If we do not take care, we get money back, when we leave the countryZwinkernd. But this is necessary after Turkey was so unexpected expensive.

Actually we could live here like in paradise, if there would not so many bad news from at home. Mum take care of yourself, Dad get well soon. Please give Grandpa Karl a big hug from us. Dear Staudts we think of you.

Best regards to you from Manu and Heiko, and thanks again for the guestbook entries.

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