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After I`ve settled myself ,I `m allowed to write again. Between Quetta and Sukkur there has been this terrible accident- I´m in hope to help and ran to the place-but the head of the young man has been totally smashed. Its not easy to get over this easily. In Sukkur we staid in that shabby “Red carpet hotel”…the carpet had been red…maybe in the time of the Raj (see the gallery for details). For 360 km it took about 10 hours. You may imagine how the “mainroad to asia” looks like.

By the way, in the last weeks, I felt like the only women on this world. Only men everywhere in the public, not even girls. The last time I really had conversation with a woman was in Sinop/Turkey. A real girls talk..that would be it right now!

After that fast as possible from Sukkur to Multan (again 10 hours); there it had been darkest night and we begged for asylum at a Shell filling station. After a short talk to the owner, we have been allowed to stay there. The staff has been so friendly and helpful, we almost felt ashamed. They brought a table, chairs, tea and Thomas got a bed (a thaft/daybed). In the morning at 6 o´clock the manager served tea….

Afterwards again with felt Formula 1 speed (90 km/h across country) to Lahore. I felt in Pakistan really like a competitor of Paris-Dakkar-Ralley- eyes closed and off you go. The land surely deserved more of our attention, but  the actual political situation and the fact that it was almost not possible to get something proper (for European stomaches) to eat gave us wings.     

Finally Lahore! We said goodbye to Jürgen- he had no Visa for India- and rushed to the Wagah border. Very fast and professional on Pakistanian side (totally different to Taftan). Then Indian border-easy going, we supposed, but this was an fatal error.

After immigration the customs officer looked at James and shouted “All out!”. We invited him to go inside and check all, but as a reponse he mentioned “All out or you will be refused immigration!”. I got a breakdown and maybe this has been the true sign for him, that we have something to hide. So all stuff (our complete household for one year) on carts and through the x-ray, afterwards double checked by another customs officer. The car on the pit and dogs inside the car, searching for drugs. Even the engine case, Heiko had to remove  (but frame and engine ID they did not check?).  

After two and a half hours, meanwhile all tripled checked with no results by our special friend, this nightmare was over.  We have been on high spirits, after 10000 kms ”India, yes we made it!”...but what an invitation.

In Amritsar we drove to Mrs. Bandharis guesthouse and had our first icecold Kingfisher. We are still here to relax . Its not the cheapest, but a very beautiful, quiet and relaxing place…our room neighbors are four cows Lächelnd. Today we have been to the Golden temple. In comparison to the last time we have been here (in Monsoon time) very crowded, but still a great place.

Yesterday we cleaned James inside …3 hours to remove tons of sand…

In the morning I have been in the “Beauty box” and had my hair dyed…mere luxury. Meanwhile a bride was “prepared”..what a beauty…but after the manager showed me the bridal outfit and the jewelry, I felt no more envy.  The jewelry weighs about 3 kg, again 3kg for the dupata, the dress approximately 5 kg…. I asked to have  my eyebrows dyed, they smiled, never did this before, tried their best with regular haircolour..but unfortunately no proper effect.   

Sometime in the next days we will move on in direction Delhi-Rajastan. Goa is 2300km away, if we do not stay anywhere for longer, manageable in 10 days.

Heartly regards




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